Why did you leave/intend to leave your last job?

When you are part of a job search site like www.myonlinejobcentre.co.uk then the next process you have to go through is the interview process and this is not easy. Because in this interview process, a job applicant will get a number of questions from the HRD to be answered properly. For you who will undergo this interview process, then you must understand well some of the questions often raised by the interviewers from the HRD. So what are the questions that are often asked by this interviewer?

The above questions are very confusing for most job applicants. If you get this question then you have to answer it in a steady tone, without a doubt and most importantly without lies. So if you do find an old company that does not appreciate your work then just say so. But in this case do not corner one party by blaming them and as if you are the most correct.